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Benjamin RM Ellis
Marlene Donnelly
Christopher Devine

Benjamin RM Ellis, principal architect, in Brooklyn since 1991. Graduate from the University of Virginia's Masters of Architecture program in 1985. Ben also earned an undergraduate degree in Classical Philology from Beloit College, with a focus on Greek.


Marlene Donnelly graduated from Pratt Institute's Industrial Design program. Marlene holds an undergraduate degree in Psychobiology and home-schools her children.

Christopher DeVine began working for Ben Ellis in 2005. Chris graduated from Pratt Institute in the spring of 2003, earning a Bachelor of Architecture. Chris has also worked in the fields of construction and community service. He is currently studying Japanese.


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Alex K Thibadoux first joined the firm in the fall of 2005; he studied Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia and received a Masters of Science in Urban Planning and Design from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.
Alex Thibadoux





Nessie joined the firm in the spring of 2012. Though she grew up on the streets of New Orleans, she now lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.




Marike Vanschamelhout is from Marseille, France; she recently joined the office for a summer internship and will finish her Masters of Architecture degree from Paris-Val de Seine this winter.