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As active members of FROGG (Friends and Residents Of Greater Gowanus), Benjamin Ellis and Marlene Donnelly research and promote the historic ecology of the Gowanus neighborhood that they call Home.

"The Gowanus Canal is a very unique resource for our community and all of New York. It has long historical significance as a pre-industrial and industrial transportation waterway in addition to playing a significant role in the Battle of Brooklyn. This natural tidal estuary connects our urban world to the waters that surround us and opens our city to the natural habitat it was built upon. Even today, it provides an open sky, early industrial/estuary landscape that cannot be matched anywhere in our city."

New York Times article: "Grand Plan for a Toxic Site. . ."

New York Times article: "Celebration at the Edge of Decay"

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Our work with the Clinton Hill based candle and scent manufacturer Joya was recently highlighted in The New York Times Magazine article "The Candle Man".

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Our friends and comrades:

Brooklyn Historical Society

St Paul's Episcopal Church

Develop-Don't Destroy. Brooklyn

Columbia University Gowanus Urban Design Lab

The Urban Divers Estuary Conservancy

Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club

Pardon Me For Asking

The Gowanus Nursery

Gowanus by Design

The Earth Institute

Cobble Hill CSA

Flo's Gardens